From Pixel to Cosmology in the 2020s

Preparing the next generation of scientists to make their mark.

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic and the implications of traveling to high risk regions, the school is postponed to 2021.
The Scientific Organizing Committee, Feb 12th 2020

We need your help !


We believe that Early Career Scientists (ECS) should be active participants in shaping the future of Cosmology.

With this school we are taking steps to engage, early on, the upcoming generation of scientists in this process.

ECS, our target audience, are not in charge of their travel funds.

Unfortunately this means that, more often than not, their access to such learning opportunities is hindered -- especially when the topic of the event is not the prime focus of their currently assigned research project.

Refer to Our School Philosophy to see why we know it is crucial for ECS to have a broad understanding of the different types of data that will be available in the next decade. 

In order to enable a maximum of ECS to attend this school, regardless of their geographic and institutional-financial constraints, we need your help to offer grants to support their attendance.

Furthermore, the quality of this school depends on being able to bring quality lecturers. 

Partial Sponsorship of AN attendee : $1075  

Sponsorship of a lecturer : $2875  

Cost of a Lecturer : $2875 

Cost of registration fee for an Attendee : $380

Cost of room and board for an Attendee : $495

Cost of round trip Hanoï/Ho Chi Minh - Quy Nhon for an Attendee : $200




International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education,

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

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